Ontario campaign finance

We produced an extensive data visualization yesterday of the emerging details of the campaign-finance side of Ontario’s election. Contribution data is now public through the date of the election. It’s not a complete picture, since donors can give to parties’ campaign funds through January of next year, and also because there’s no riding-level data yet.

I categorized each individual donation manually, which was a certain amount of work but not unmanageable. The graphs were created in Fusion Tables (actually all of them from two tables). The party colours all came out right the first time, which I though was due to a clever Google algorithm tuned to Canadian politics, but actually the first four colours selected for a pie chart are blue, green, orangy-yellow and red, and I happened to randomly have the parties in the correct order. What follows is that if you want to avoid party colours you need to set the first four lines of the chart to null values.

Here is a sampler pack (all graphs at the link)


Corporate donations by party share


Union donations by party share


PC donations by category


Amount spent per seat

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