Relational diagrams of Toronto city council votes

by Patrick Cain

Last week we published a series of relational diagrams of voting patterns in Toronto city council using NodeXL. It’s a direct result of Peter Aldhous’s excellent presentation at the NICAR conference in St. Louis.

(The context, for those out of town, is a shift of votes away from Toronto’s mayor on city council. A stable majority supported him from elections in October 2010 to earlier this year, when between one thing and another he lost enough councillors to start losing votes. We show how likely any given member of council was to vote the same way as any other member in any given month, which over time shows the change in power dynamics. Councillors who tend to vote together will be clustered closely together in the graphic.)

This version is baby steps – I’d like to make them more attractive and animation-friendly. I’ve always meant to move into other areas of visualization beyond maps – hopefully this is the first of many projects.

January 2012 is below:

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