Iraq war, 2004 Bush victory doubled U.S.-source immigration

by Patrick Cain

I have a story up centred on a Tableau graphic and a series of maps looking at U.S. immigration to Canada over the last 50 years or so. The main driver has been armed conflict, most recently the American invasion of Iraq, which along with George W. Bush’s re-election in 2004 seems to have doubled the flow of Americans here over the course of a few years. (It ended abruptly when Obama was elected, and has been falling.)

The Iraq-related spike was the largest since the Vietnam War, and (deducting the existing pre-2003 levels of about 5,000 U.S. immigrants a year) seems to have led about 20,000 more Americans to immigrate here than would otherwise have been the case. Here’s a screenshot of the graphic (click to see the real thing):

The 2006 census yielded the basis for mapping U.S. citizens by postal code. Map geeks (like me) will want to spend some time with them. Some patterns, like the concentrations along the Maine-New Brunswick border, weren’t a surprise, but I was startled by the large numbers of Americans all the way through the B.C. interior and the Yukon. (The Yukon is the top province/territory for U.S. citizens.)

(Also, many years after the Vietnam War made it a mecca for draft evaders, the Annex is still Ontario’s top postal code for U.S. citizens.)

Click on the image to see the maps:


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