Graphic Monday: Canadian arms exports

By Leslie Young

This week’s Graphic Monday feature is an interactive look at some of Canada’s arms exports.

I was surprised to see how many Canadian guns went to Denmark, of all places. Much less surprising is that the U.S. is the biggest recipient of Canadian weapons (at least the ones selected).

This piece uses Statistics Canada data, generously provided and formatted for me by the agency. I tend to have very good experiences with them, as they generally send me a very tailored report based on my usually pretty general question.

This week’s question was, “Where do Canadian guns go?” It was inspired by this CP story about how Canadian merchants can now apply to sell fully-automatic rifles to Columbia. 

Click the image below to see our graphic.



About Leslie Young

A budding data and database geek, I try to turn numbers into stories. I've been with Global News since the spring of 2011. Find me on Twitter @leslieyoung
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