Valentine’s Day interactive

By Leslie Young

We had a lot of fun putting together this interactive on singles, conception dates, and sexually transmitted infections. There are a lot of nice maps and interactive graphics, all wrapped up in a Tableau package.

Aside from being a fun feature for Valentine’s Day, it was also an experiment in using Tableau as a navigation tool for a complex, multifaceted feature.

It was great to find out that you could embed Fusion Tables maps into Tableau. It’s also cool that you can use Tableau to essentially set up a slideshow between elements.

It’s not the neatest tool for navigation though, and it’s really unnecessarily complex to create buttons that let you move between slides. In the end, it was a lot of work. 

I’d try it again, but probably for something a little simpler and with a little more time to prepare.

And yes, we purposely released STI maps on Valentine’s Day – or VD, as some people on my Facebook feed are calling the holiday.


About Leslie Young

A budding data and database geek, I try to turn numbers into stories. I've been with Global News since the spring of 2011. Find me on Twitter @leslieyoung
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