About us

This blog is a behind-the-scenes look at the data journalism produced by globalnews.ca’s Investigative Data Desk. Here, you’ll find tales of the ins-and-outs of access-to-information requests, false starts, unlockable pdfs, software crashes and hacked-together maps.

We have filed over 100 access-to-information requests with governments across Canada (and a few in the United States) since the spring of 2011. Watch this site to see what happens. So far, we’ve used the data to produce stories on everything from bedbugs to pedestrian safety to parking tickets to seasonal changes in fertility.

The Specials and Interactives team consists of three journalists: Patrick Cain, Leslie Young and Anna Mehler Paperny. We specialize in data journalism, interactive maps, and special features.

You can find our stories on GlobalNews.ca.

Follow Global News on Twitter.

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